The Merrychef E5

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The big daddy

The Merrychef E5 is the biggest Merrychef oven in our range and it offers larger capacity for high-speed service.

The ideal choice for hotel and restaurant kitchens and for contract caterers too, it combines convection heat and microwave technology to give the capability of cooking several items at the same time.

Several starters or side dishes can be cooked side by side, all at speeds that are speeds that are five times faster than conventional methods.

Any staff member can cook any dish through Merrychef’s famous easyToUCH technology, and customers will be enjoying that dish in just minutes.

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The Merrychef E5 is ideal when chefs or caterers need extra oven capacity to cook several items at the same time or to regenerate large multi-portion dishes.

It combines convention heat and microwave technology to achieve cooking times five times faster than traditional methods, and such speed allied with its unrivalled capacity means more food for more people in less time.

It is as easy to operate as just making two touches on-screen, while Merrychef’s MenuConnect system also allows the cooking process for new menu options to be quickly and easily programmed.

Ventless cooking technology comes as standard, to reduce grease and cooking odours, and remove the need for stand-alone ventilation and extraction systems.

We offer 12 months parts and labour guarantee on every Merrychef E5 oven we sell.

Key features of the Merrychef E5 include:

  • easyToUCH icon-driven screen controls, for perfect cooking every time
  • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programmes
  • Improved safety: the exterior remains cool to the touch at all times
  • Waste reduction
  • Cost-effective cooking
  • Catalytic technology to eliminate grease and remove cooking odours, so no need for separate extraction and ventilation systems
  • Upload new menus easily through MenuConnect software and USB drive (in protected position on front of the oven)
  • Energy-saving standby mode – the E5 automatically powers down when not in use, and has a quick recovery time when needed again
  • Optional Ethernet technology to allow for off-site maintenance checks and troubleshooting, and remote menu uploads – ideal for operations with more than one outlet
  • Precise power levels cook even the most delicate products perfectly
  • Reduced wait and service times, to increase speed, service, quality and freshness
  • Uses three heating technologies (convected heat, impingement air, and microwave energy)

eikon e5

Cooks up to 15 Times Faster

  • Width x Depth x Height 71.12 cm x 70.49 cm x 64.14 cm (28" x 273/4" x 251/4" )
  • Weight 93.8 kg (207 lb)
  • Certifications ec-certnsf-cert

  • Away from major heat source.
  • Place on flat surface suitable for weight.
  • Allow a minimum of 50mm clearance to sides, top and rear to allow air to circulate freely.
  • Allow sufficient clearance to front of the oven for the door to open fully.


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