The Merrychef MD 1800

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Compact and powerful

The Merrychef MD 1800 microwave oven is a fully-commercial medium duty solution to add power and versatility to food preparation areas everywhere.

Its stainless steel construction gives it a sleek and attractive appearance, and it is ideally suited for preparing individual portions and for small batch cooking.

Up to three Merrychef MD 1800 ovens can be stacked vertically to allow even greater power and versatility.

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Key features of the Merrychef MD 1800 include:

  • 1800 Watt power output (IEC 705 Rating)
  • User friendly operation
  • Energy saving stand-by mode
  • In-built diagnostics – easy to use fault finding card
  • Quality assured BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation and CE marked
  • No turntable – so all parts of the cavity can be used
  • Keypad – Set time, and to use pre-programmed cooking cycles
  • Time Display – Displays remaining cooking time

We offer 12 months parts and labour guarantee on every Merrychef MD 1800 oven we sell.

Merrychef MD 1800

Ideally suited for the busiest kitchen and the discerning restaurateur.

  • Width x Depth x Height 510 cm x 510.5 cm x 335 cm
    (20013/16" x 200" x 1317/8" )
  • Weight 30 kg (66 lb)
  • Power output Microwave @ 100% MD1400 - 1400 Watts (IEC 705 Rating)1800 Watts (IEC 705 Rating)
  • Power input MD1800 - 3.12kW
  • Electrical supply 240V 50Hz Single Phase
  • Capacity 23 Litres
  • Microwave power levels 100%, 75%, 50% and progressive defrost
  • Magnetrons MD1800: Two
  • Safety interlocks Four
  • Distribution system Rotating Passive Antenna
  • Timer Up to 9m 59s(Up to 3 x 9m 59s with multi-stage programs)
  • Timer controls Digital touch pad control
  • User interface Built-in diagnostic messages Digital LED display of cooking time Easy-to-use pre-programmed operation10 programs
  • Construction Cavity Stainless Steel Casework Stainless Steel
  • Safety features Microwave safety interlocks on door Cavity overheat sensor Automatic lock-out on invalid time setting Magnetron overheat sensors
  • Additional information Moulded 13 Amp plug BS 1363A (UK only)
  • Certifications ec-certnsf-cert

  • Away from major heat source.
  • Place on flat surface suitable for weight.
  • Allow a minimum of 50mm clearance to sides, top and rear to allow air to circulate freely.
  • Allow sufficient clearance to front of the oven for the door to open fully.


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